Product Groups By Regions (EU)

From standard pocket springs to micro pocket units; ZebSprings is able to offer whole range of pocket spring products demanded by the European mattress and sleep products manufacturers.


Our wide range of pocket springs include;


  • Units with 3, 5, 7, 9 or other custom comfort zone applications
  • Low height units to be used as core for toppers
  • Higher coil count units with narrow diameter coils for high end mattresses
  • Units at various comfort levels from super soft to ultra firm
  • Units with double or single flat frame attachment
  • Units for adjustable beds and boxsprings


General production range for the pocket spring units:

Height 60 mm - 200 mm
Wire gauge 1,20 mm - 2,20 mm
Coil diameter 37 mm - 70 mm
Coil count 200 - 750 coils/m2
Glueing Central, Top & bottom or both
Sizes Standard and Custom sizes