Product Groups By Regions (US)

With our wide range of fabric encased coil series, we present whole range of comfort, flexibility and durability required by the US mattress and speciality sleep products manufacturers for different product groups.


Our product portfolio includes but not limited to the units with following specifications.


  • Higher coil count units with small diameter coils from fine wire to enhance adaptation to body contours
  • Tall units to optimize cost per inch
  • Low height units to be used as comfort layers
  • Units with various comfort levels from plush to ultra firm
  • Units with firmer edges to eliminate foam encasement


General production range for the pocketed coils:

Height 2" - 8"
Wire gauge 18g - 13,5g
Comfort zone Various comfort zones from head to toe or at the edges can be designed
Coil count Between 532 and 2668 coils at full size
Glueing Central, Top & bottom or both
Sizes Standard, Foam Encased, Crib, Futon and Custom sizes